Stranger Things 4×8 Reaction

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    1. I’m not 100% sure but I’m pretty sure that is their patreon plug, when they say “you can get the next reaction over at patreon” that’s because that is the youtube video that will release to the public next week. That’s for the people seeing it on youtube not patreon is what I mean.

    2. *Blindwave* “Our Reaction to the finale episode of Stranger Things 4×9 will be posted on Patreon next week. Thanks for your patience as we scrambled to get this series done asap!” This was in the description of the video on youtube they posted today. So we’ll be waiting another week smh.

  1. Geez, seems like there’s a lot of entitlement going around. Blindwave doesn’t owe you anything beyond making sure their reactions are legit and stress free. I’m happy to wait as long as it takes to get their reactions. Other channels rush out reactions and sometimes you can tell they’re rushed.

    1. I’m not on anyone’s dick, way to take it to another level. I much prefer to get honest reactions where they aren’t up at 4AM tired as hell cause they are conforming to their audience’s expectations. I literally just watched another channel’s reaction where they spent over half the video off topic and off the rails rather than talk about what they just watched. It’s also not just here, it’s the amount of shit they get on all social media from not releasing Doctor Strange, Thor, etc. videos the moment the embargo is released. If you can’t wait for it, there are plenty of other channels to watch. And yes, I understand by responding to this I’m probably not making my case better, cause it seems like “I’m on their dick” even more now.

  2. When Eric said “this is the man who challenged Mike Tyson.” I thought he meant Arnold… then I remembered it was Aaron and I can’t stop laughing.