Surf Ninjas Movie Reaction

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  1. i’ve been waiting all year for this! ever since aaron first referenced it ive been uber excited! see ya tonight after my workout! movie friday movie friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. the black guy is tone loc whom i always remember as tone low cause loc aint a word lol. he does a lot of voice work and raps. “wild thing” and “funky cold medina” are his big hits and he was in bebe kids and ferngully. LOVE HIS VOICE

  3. fun fact, the royal guard eyepatch guy is eddie’s father in real life and he trained eddie. back in the day when we had real martial artists doing karate films. and think about it: 1993, asian american male lead film, he’s not a stereotype, he gets the girl, he’s BEYOND HOT definitely one of my my pre-teen crushes. sigh. no SIGH! so hot, sexy and cool! where can i find a guy like that in real life. complete with the dark skin and long flowing hair

  4. yeah so i watched it a second time. SO WHAT. fun fact. barbara ann was done on saved by the bell in 1990. the cali boys really love beach boys lol

  5. i love the fight scenes but yes as an adult i can see they are not connecting and moving a little too slow for a trained fighter not to be able to dodge or block and these are all trained mercenaries/warriors

  6. Me and my friends loved this movie when we were in kindergarten. We had a dance routine to their version of Barbara Ann and everything. It’s not as epic as I remember it being, but I’m glad y’all gave me the opportunity to rewatch this piece of my childhood with you!