Teen Titans 1×10 Reaction

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  1. Honestly this episode has very little substance in terms of what people state they love about teen Titans but it’s somehow just as good by focusing on the visuals and having maud be such a great character

  2. Fun Fact Mad Mod was one of only three villains that were taken directly from the comics. Originally he was a fashion villain who tried to take over the world with clothes, however the show changed it so that he was an expert in hypnosis, holography, and technology

    Also if I needed to be snapped out of it, the soup scene from codement is what always makes me laugh

    1. Wait, what? There are WAY more than three villains in the show who are taken from the comics. We’ve already had Slade, Dr. Light, Trigon, and Mad Mod, and they’re only the tip of the iceberg (I’d list more, but I don’t want to spoil anything).

  3. I know some people really like these sillier episodes, but this is one I always skip on rewatch. Even as a kid I remember being so much more into the story and characters, that I hated whenever Mad Mod showed up. As an adult I can appreciate more that he’s a fun character, but…yeah, still not really into this episode.

  4. It’s kinda hard to understand Mod’s ramblings and especially since I think you guys talked a little over it but his goal was to stop the titans from stopping the villains.

  5. filler episode but i love it for the xmen of it all. there is an xmen villain called arcade. image mad mod but like 20 and super short in an all white suit and bow tie (still a red head) but a texan instead of a brit. he puts heroes in these trap houses called “murder world” and there are all these mazes, robots and traps to get through. even LMD like robots so you think you are with storm but its really one of his robits! so good! and his assistnat/lover? missteed like mystique lol and yes she’s a robot cause of course she is

  6. I never watched Teen Titans growing up so BW’s full length reaction videos are also the first time I see the episodes. This episode was so crazy and I loved every minute of it!