Teen Titans 1×11 Reaction

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  1. Well this is awkward. HBO Max follows the release order…this was supposed to be a two part season one finale, but Cartoon Network screwed up almost 20 years ago and aired something after it. Not that big of a deal, I guess, just watching the season finale an episode early.

  2. We always need to do silly breathers like Mad Mod, etc. before a big serious episode, because kids execs are convinced that no children anywhere enjoy deep stories.

    You guy should react to Infinity Train. You could singlehandedly revive the series after HBOMax axed the 5th season for not having a young person as the main character.

    1. All shows need episodes like that imo. When shows have no breather episodes, like Attack on Titan for example, it’s harder to get attached to the characters.

  3. Next episode is one of my favorites and this episode sets it up perfectly. Early on, aside from perhaps Cyborg, I’d say Robin is far and away the most developed of our main cast (though they all develop much more in later seasons) and I love it. His singleminded hyper-focus, his drive, his anger and aggression; it’s all very Batman: Year One, which is awesome. Slade is an incredibly charismatic villain and he and Robin have such great tension on screen. *spoiler* Not to mention, Robin’s ability to tank his entire team when he needs to (his appearance as Red X, next episode, and arguably the tournament one in the future) really solidifies his Batman to the other Titans’ Justice League.

  4. Weird, 1×11 on my DVDs is a different episode. Looks like hbomax pushed it till after the two part finale so the season for you guys will end on a random episode.

  5. one of the things that makes Slade an interesting villain is that he trusts his enemies to be competent. like, he was just like “yeah this bomb is fake, but i still need them to find it… eh, they’re pretty clever, i’m sure they’ll be fine…”