Teen Titans 1×12 Reaction

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  1. At one point there was a plan to integrate the Teen Titans series with the rest of the DCAU, but they ended up scraping the idea for a number of reasons. Mainly the art styles didn’t match, Teen Titans was supposed to about them doing stuff on their own without the aid of the justice league, and the DCAU had already done Dick Grayson as both Robin and Nightwing so the continuity wouldn’t have matched

  2. where you are watching these is so off. skipped an episode and in this episode in the full length you are missing 2 minutes of footage. thats how much we got out of sink after the theme song.

    1. Oh okay I thought there was more before the Titans see Robin when I watched this as a kid but HBO Max skipped it so I guess they didn’t think it was that important.

  3. I wouldn’t expect too many Batman references. There was a Bat Embargo around this time that prevented any media around the time outside of the Nolan trilogy and the 2004 The Batman cartoon from using Batman characters with the only exceptions being Robin in Teen Titans and Batman in Justice League.

  4. Can’t believe HBO Max just cut out stuff. I hope you guys are hooked enough now, at least. We’ve got plenty more silly breather episodes to get through.

    1. I mean it’s literally Slate saying, “maybe I’ll become a father to you.” Robin responding “I already have a father.” And the very next scene is the top of the building Robin is robbing and we see the name Wayne Tech. Slade got jealous and forced Robin to rob his adoptive dad and that’s somehow not important.