Teen Titans 1×2 Reaction

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  1. blackfire went full on single white female on her own SISTER! and i havent seen this episode in a good decade yet i was ready for that line “no she will NOT” lol

  2. me screaming: THE COREYS! 80s baby me is sad yall didnt get that without looking it up. and it was a GIRL that had psychic powers that fought jason. i’ve seen very few horror films and that is one of them for that reason. i love my psi-girls. miss martian, jean grey, emma frost, psylocke, the lady masterminds etc etc

  3. I kind of love how impressed you guys are at everything Beast Boy does. For some reason, he stood out the least to me when I was watching the show as a kid.

    1. I’m pretty sure that’s because they are so use to him in the live action Titans show, where he only ever turns into a tiger. And a snake that one time

  4. I think the circle eyebrow things are called hikimayu, it’s some historic Japanese fashion where ladies would shave their eyebrows and then paint them on in that kind of shape.