Teen Titans 1×4 Reaction

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  1. Teen Titans writing is so weird at times, like some episodes go into some pretty grey stuff at a teen level and that complexity is why this show is so beloved. But then there’s also episodes like this that feels like a anti bullying PSA aimed at small children.

    1. At its core it’s still a kid show. Thanks to Dwayne McDuffie they were able to tackle more serious issues, but they can’t do that every episode. And yeah the episode was about the consequences of your actions, something you do find a lot in PSA’s. However you also have kids who eat tide pods and lick ice cream in stores so an episode like this actually does make sense

      1. some of these “kids” are 20 somethings so everyone, no matter the age, need to be reminded 1. bullies are lame, be cool 2. every action has a reaction. CHOICES!

    2. Thankfully I think it gets better after season 1. Like a lot of shows, the early stuff is definitely the show trying to find its footing. On the positive side, I think the first 4 episodes are the weakest of season 1, so we should have a pretty consistent run of good episodes after this until season 2, not even just with the Slade stuff.

  2. great characters from the comics that dc has forgotten about………..this is where my problems with the show come in. 1. as a non-anime lover (not into anime in general to make myself clearer) all the tropes got me going “stop, lets be serious” 2. the character designs. some are cool (like thunder and lightning; gizmo) but when compared to the comics: can you tell that thunder and lightning are vietnamese? or that jinx is bald and black? exactly…..very up and down as a show for me. later seasons like 2 and 4 get really good with incredible characters and throwbacks to new teen titans 80s run, then we have eps with mad mod and that magician dude. VEXING thats why i can never say i LOVE the show, just i like SOME episodes. and raven is awesome. best adapted from the comics in this show despite them giving her telekinesis for…..reasons?