Teen Titans 1×5 Reaction

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  1. Just to avoid setting the wrong expectations. Cyborg has no connections to Fatherboxes or Apokalypse in this continuity. This show occurred before that retcon. So for the rest of the series just assume he’s that incredibly advanced because he too just had that good of a mechanic.

  2. Talking of expectations don’t forget children’s television executives controlled this show’s destiny. It gets deeper but the writers had to fight for it, and compromise with some very silly episodes in between.

    1. That’s really not how the show’s production went, it’s not like the show’s creators set out to make a darker Teen Titans show and they were forced to make it more child friendly; this is what they set out to make from the start. And the idea that the sillier episodes were created as a “compromise” for the more serious episodes is pure fabrication.

    1. If its the game I think your talking about then BOI Mumbo Jumbo was like my go to behind Mad Mod. Always kicked my sisters ass with Mumbo’s ranged card attack.