Teen Titans 1×6 Reaction

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  1. Trivia: Rodger Bumpass (Dr. Light) is also the voice of Squidward and Professor Membrane from Invader Zim.

    Also, Keith Szarabajka (Trigon) is Harbinger from Mass Effect and, in live action, he was that cop in The Dark Knight who the Joker goads into attacking him to escape the police station (“I know you’re gonna enjoy this so I’m just gonna have to try and enjoy it…even more.”).

  2. This is one of my favorite episodes in the series. Its such a cool idea to personify the part of Raven that is her father, from having to keep it contained, and also still be just as much a part of her as her courage, joy, and loneliness.

    1. I’m kind of glad they watched Titans before this show. Sure we might cringe with the comparison but I feel it will make their viewing experience much better knowing this version of Titans is how the characters should be.

  3. its like i told ya on twitch “sometimes they would randomly switch from english to japanese them song”. dont know why but it gives me a chance to enjoy this bop!

  4. well actually, dr. light was originally a justice league villain and after some brain damage shenanigans he became a whacky joke villain. thats when he became a foe tied to the new teen titans. its ok if you dont know, justice league forgot themselves hence the epic story arc “identity crisis”. zatanna (at the orders of the league) “lobotimizing” villains hence why light became a joke. once the truth came out and they got back to normal, DRAMA!, REVENGE! EPICNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Okay anyone else think that those couple of seconds when Raven loses it in the opening was far more intimating and frightening than anything the Raven, or Rachel, from Titans did? And I’m including when she killed a guy.

    1. Idk, I kinda like Rachel in Titans and the way they portrayed her Raven. The only things I didn’t like about Titans were how Starfire’s powers were portrayed & how they consistently dropped the ball on season finales.

  6. Dr. Light was a great villain until he raped an ally of the Justice League, so they ordered Zatanna to magically lobotomize him. This made him a simpleton and he started fighting the Teen Titans. That means the Justice League let their sidekicks fight a mentally damaged racist.
    Also, as for the opening, the Japanese lyrics are for more wacky or weird episodes and English lyrics are for more serious episodes.