Teen Titans 1×7 Reaction

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  1. Regarding the switching voices thing, apparently the plan *was* that the characters’ bodies would still speak with their own voices but Hynden Walch and Tara Strong were so good at imitating each other it just seemed pointless to do it that way since people would assume they’d just switched the voice actors anyway.

    1. Yeah, they mentioned this in an interview about the episode shortly after it came out, I always thought it was pretty funny and badass. Like they said, it’s much more difficult to pull of that kind of thing with cartoons than with live action, since you can’t see who’s doing the voice in the first place.

  2. For Raven, letting go of her emotions is kind of like peeing your pants on purpose. You know, you spend your whole life trying not to pee your pants, so letting go, peeing your pants on purpose, it’s next to impossible.

  3. When I think of comparing how Raven and Starfire’s powers work off their emotions I normally think of it in terms of quantity, like how much they are feeling. For Starfire’s to work you need to feel an abundance of certain emotion for it to work, where as for Raven too much of any emotion would set hers off, particularly anger sure, but the point still stands.