Teen Titans 2×13 Reaction

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  1. Terra is such a tragic character. She wants complete control over her actions, but she also wants complete freedom from the consequences of those actions, and she doesn’t realize that those two things are mutually exclusive. So she just keeps trying to run away from the things she does, embracing whatever’s next and blocking out everything that’s behind her. Until she finally learns to take responsibility, and it “kills” her.

  2. I think the Justice League wouldn’t exist yet since, at least in the Batman The Animated Series Universe, Superman making himself known in Metropolis and the formation of the Justice League doesn’t happen until after Robin becomes Nightwing for a few years.

  3. Hearing you guys talk about TV and watching cartoons makes me so jealous. I’m 21, but I do remember the one chance I got on Saturday’s, CW 4kidz, was the only channel my family had with cartoons (we didn’t have cable). My grandparents had cable, and I was always crossing my fingers to get a cartoon I enjoyed cause I didn’t know the schedule. And dammit I was not a morning kid on weekdays. Otherwise, my childhood was PBS cartoons lol.

  4. Man this is my favorite episode of the whole show. I remember setting aside time to watch it when it first aired and was jittery through dinner waiting for it to come on. Ah, such nostalgia. And such a great episode.