Teen Titans 2×8 Reaction

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  1. So like 2 weeks ago it was getting a prostitute and now it’s animal volleyball and whale dimensions. And I’m not even mad it’s some of my favorite discussions.

  2. I never played sports but when we had round robin volleyball for school, I beat the absolute shit out of the ball (& the opposing team), I’m a 5″4-5 girl that was super shy & quiet in High School, wasn’t the best at defense or receiving but when it was my turn to serve/spike, I absolutely annihilated them lol (same with badminton, those are just my sports jam)

  3. should have watched all the terra episodes back to back as a saga but at the end of the season so you can power through the fillers/one offs as they are so less than this greatness. oh well ill just do my own editing magic when the season is done lol