Teen Titans 3×4 Reaction

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  1. In one the Titans comics they go the future and beast boys future self can tap into the abilities of multiple animals at once. He uses the power of. Singke called organism and turns into a tiger then divides to create multiple tigers. His power is ties to The Red, the source of all animal life forces, including alien and mythical.

  2. A friend of mine always responded to ‘You wouldn’t steal a car’ with ‘if I could get away with it, yeah.’ Also, them saying it was made of cake reminds me of a meme post I saw wherein cake artistry had become so realistic it was impossible to tell what was real and what was cake. The guy turns to his wife for comfort, but alas, she too is cake. He weeps while he devours his cake-wife. She is delicious. Which, as I recount this I realize, much like this episode, this is easily terrifying in only a slight context shift.