Teen Titans 3×6 Reaction

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    1. You do realize that if they did that they’d need to record shows so much in advance that in a couple months patron would be several shows ahead of youtube

    2. That would mean next week your 8 weeks ahead, and the week after you’d be 12 weeks ahead. What happens when someone new joins at that time? They would immediately be 12+ weeks ahead and counting. Your suggestion makes no sence

      1. bro… getting full length is worth the 10 dollars but when a show is 50 eps in being able to see only 45 or 50 isnt a big difference… and so many other reaction channels get further and further ahead as the shows go on maming patreon more and more worth it. The normies for 1 get very far ahead on patreon

  1. Greg Ellis sounds like Tom Ellis as in Lucifer, apparently no relation which is wild to me
    As a younger person watching this I was devastated for Raven, as an adult I’m still pissed Malchior hurt Raven like that what a tool, though it did lead to Beast boy/Raven moments so I love that