Teen Titans 3×8 Reaction

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    1. What more are you expecting them to have to say about the show at the moment? There’s not really ever going to be a *huge* amount to discuss for the simple, self-contained episodes and even the arc episodes of this season are notoriously rather weak compared to the ones before and after it. This episode in particular really only exists to set up the season finale and it’s not very interesting in and of itself.

      1. The book of Boba fett didn’t really have much to talk about since 8t was the first episode yet they manage to have a 1 hour long discussion. Let’s be honest. These dudes only like having long discussions on shows they really enjoy. Or atleast Eric does since he’s the one directing the whole crew. Makes sense since Eric Is crazy for star wars.

  1. It’s a kids show and no matter how good the writers wanted to make it it was still made to be an early 2000’s kids show. This show walked so other shows could… well, still walk, come to think of it, but slightly faster and maybe wearing a crop top.

    Anyway, at least they’re watching it. Maybe next season will grab them. It usually does that to people.

  2. Lmao this show really just isn’t as good as some of y’all remember. I consider teen titans just like I do dragonball it paved the way for a lot of shows but I’m not putting it in any top 10s.

      1. Um, aren’t you that fan of Naruto? The one who keeps asking for two episodes a week on every thread? Like…Naruto? Teen Titans is Citizen Kane compared to that garbage.