Teen Titans 4×7 Reaction

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    1. You’re right, I think they might have skipped Overdrive. Totally not complaining cause I love this episode. I remember something similar happened when they got towards the end of season one.

        1. I know there’s three more, but I just meant that Overdrive was supposed to be before the Prophecy. Stranded and Mother May Eye are after this episode. At least that’s what google said when I looked up the order. But with filler episodes, they can go basically anywhere as long as they don’t disrupt the finale.

  1. the vision was trigon. just like he created an illusion of azarath whole, he made an illusion of arella (raven’s mom). it was him who was speaking NOT arella who is presumably dead with the rest of azarath. trigon (as arella) said “it was too late for her”. it was arella, she would have said “it was too late for me”. it was trigon all allllllllllllllllllllllllllooooong!

  2. long story short, you should have let me do the watching order for the series. the show is all over the place instead of being linear and concise. i would put the fillers all up front and then all of the main plot eps together at the end instead one here and then another one 3 episodes later.