Teen Titans 5×12 Reaction

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  1. My only complaint about this episode is that it’s not long enough,
    I want to see more screen time from more heroes and villains because this fight was hype!

  2. This is such a great episode! I thought about this episode for years after I first saw it, teen titans has so many cool characters that are exclusive to teen titans, which is awesome but also sucks cos we don’t see more of them & yes Jericho is a comic character who’s Slade Wilson/Deathstroke’s son (imagine knowing that & watching Arrow XD)
    this episode is the spiritual finale

  3. so something i’ve never seen anyone else comment on, is that when Beast Boy makes the brain freeze joke, you can see the villain that Starfire and Raven take down together. Why was he never frozen and stood with all of the titans at the end?

  4. there were some copyright/ownership issues with wonder girl so they couldnt use her in the show though they wanted to. i think the plan was for her to join the team in season 3? could have been another season. its been over a decade since i read that article. the best they could do was have her as an unamed, unvoiced image. they did have her show up in the comic adaptation though. glad they got them and all the wonder rights fixed so we could get wonder woman content! wonder woman movies! donna in titans!

  5. The Brain is a great example of high INT, low WIS. Massively intelligent, but can’t see past his own ego and always underestimates his opponents because he puts so much stock in pure brainpower. Also very inflexible in his plans because he just can’t process the fact that he’s losing.

  6. Lmfao. Yeah so Jericho is Slade Wilson (Deathstrokes)‘s youngest son. He actually was in s2 of Titans, he’s the guy who was mute that the team recruited and ended up dying in a fight btw his dad and nightwing (and yk Dick blamed himself for it, blah blah blah). Anyway, the design of him here is more accurate to the comics than the show was but regardless his abilities are the same.

  7. It’s funny y’all mention Terra given the next episode 🤣 🤣. Nevetheless, this was an epic conclusion to this season of BeastBoy’s arc, and you guys reacting to this series as a whole has partially inspired me to make Teen Titans amvs. So let’s celebrate 😎.

    Anyways, Y’all reaction throughout was great and exactly what i thought it would be. Especially y’all’s reaction at Mas kicking Adonis, the Luchador mask being taken off, Jinx coming back, Wonder Girl being absent, and Madem Rouge getting constantly knocked out when trying to attack 🤣 🤣.

    Interesting note, Lauren Tom who normally voices Jinx and Gizmo, I gusse couldn’t be in this episode or the Revved Up one so they have Tara Strong doing it instead.

    Moreover, 12:18 that guy in the back is probably dead, and y’all didn’t show Mother Mae Eye just magically pop away when HotSpot and Wildebeest got throw into her. Also, I too love that Jinx, Wildebeest, and HotSpot all their revenge on Madem Rouge.