Teen Titans 5×13 Reaction

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  1. From an all-time high last week to an all-time disappointment. 😢
    This episode is obviously very sad for being not only the last produced episode before the show got canceled,
    but how very little this answers some questions
    throughout the entire show.
    I do like the lesson that things can’t last forever and we have to move on from the past and look to the
    But what am saying?! I still miss this show to this
    day! 😭
    I have to give this last season credit for being the
    most consistent in terms of cohesive storytelling.
    But unfortunately, this episode ends this show on a
    In other words, I was left disappointed and heartbroken when I’ve heard that the show would never have another season back then. 😔💔
    So, I’m hoping that Cartoon Network or some other form of business will bring back the ORIGINAL Teen Titans someday. 🙏
    Well, can’t wait for your reactions to Trouble in Tokyo next week! Really looking forward to how you’ll like that movie! 😁

  2. Yeah the show was cancelled sadly. It sucks too because going off with how the seasons went Starfire would have been the focus of the sixth season which is really sad to me because I love Starfire and I would have loved to see what arc she would have gotten (I always theorized the main villains would be Slade and Blackfire).

  3. This storyline kinda gets resolved in the comics. Basically Geo Force shows up and gives her backstory about being the princess of Markovia like in Young Justice. Then he and Beast Boy and him go see her, see that she’s happy, leave, and then it’s hinted that Terra still had her memories. The end.

  4. Yeah…. this was very confusing when it first came out and expecting another episode. After realizing it was actually the last, it was a very depressing realization. But also, it kind of ends with a sort of message of “some times things don’t end.” Or “the never ending battle” as Batman/Superman have stated. Still sucks though haha

  5. It’s really sucks that the teen titans reactions are over, but what do you guys think is the next reaction show for next week, for me I hope Ben 10 won?

  6. powers = mondo of generation x. look = super ben 10. it just has the look of a creature from ben 10, makes me wonder if man of action worked on this show or at least got inspiration from it. this was so not an ending. this should have been in season 4 or a filler ep somewhere earlier in this season. so unsatisfying

  7. why this doesnt: even if they want us to “now go read the comics” the teen titans comics based on this show doesnt give us the answers we need: 1. did she lose her memory or faking? 2. who does she live with? 3. how is she going to school? she would need a PARENT or guardian to enroll her. 4. whats up with the random slade-bot? 5. what is that creature that they were fighting
    all i have is head canon aka NOT facts. slade must be watching her hence the random slade bot. i then assume he adopted her as slade wilson and is keeping her around as a secret weapon to use in the future if need be. like a break in case of emergency kind of thing. maybe at first she had amnesia but got her memory back before this ep and pretends to not know beast boy cause she just wants to live a normal life.

  8. I’m going to save my full, way too long comment for the YouTube upload so for now I’ll just say: I think most people are extremely wrong about this episode. Not liking it is one thing but the amount of people that don’t even seem to “get” what the episode is going for is baffling to me. I’m not trying to brag, I’m not a super amazing analytical viewer or anything but I was about 14-15 when I first saw it and I understood it right away.

  9. 6:53 your guys reaction to that was exactly what I pictured and it was great. Yeah if this has been a regular episode as oppose to the final one of this seas it probably would have went over better, as is people hate that this was the end of TT and left behind some unresolved stuff. Although, I think many of us consider the movie to be the real series finale. Also, it’s to bad HBO doesn’t have the lost episode on there, I wouldn’t have mind you guys reacting to it. Nevertheless, it’s been a great ride watching TT again with y’all, let’s celebrate with an amv of mine.

    1. The Lost Episode is on a blu ray series set I gave to them in a mailbag package. [ #247 btw 😉 ] I can’t believe that their ride watching this show is almost done! Can’t wait for their reactions to Trouble in Tokyo! XD

    2. In addition, I do adhere to the theory that that is Terra and not just a school girl that looks and sounds like her. There are subtle hints that seem to indicate that she does remember but wants to be left alone now and live a different life. I also think that she came back after Raven defeated Trigon and turned people back from being stoned, which I know other fans have theorized; it does make the most sense.

  10. Trouble in Tokyo served as the actual finale once they found out they had been cancelled. However supposedly there are talks behind the scenes to bring the show back in some form either as a direct continuation or a new series all together

  11. Trouble in Tokyo served as the actual finale once they found out they had been cancelled. However supposedly there are talks behind the scenes to bring the show back in some form either as a direct continuation or a new series all together

  12. Yeah, and after this was cancelled, imagine hearing a few years later that we would be getting a new TT show. Then it turned out to be Teen Titans Go. That was an absolute rollercoaster of emotions, ending in massive disappointment.