Teen Titans 5×8 Reaction

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  1. i had a different reaction. me: ah, they got micahel rossembaum to do kid flash too, that tracks. it CLEARLY sounds like him to me…………….

  2. so not true regarding the fantastic four. its currently like 8 memebers. the grimm kids (2) and the richards kids (2). they in every issue and where costumes. before the grimm kids came along it was 6. this has happened several times over the years especially when folks would take a break, come back and they would keep the replacements around for awhile. they even stopped being the fantastic four for a while and where the future foundation, so they could still be called the FF and that team had SO many people cause they basically became the xmen, training the next generation of super geniuses

  3. Even Teen Titans is in its own continuity, it has loose connections to the DC Animated Universe. Speedy appeared in Justice League Unlimited with the same character design he has in this show, albeit older. Having Wally being voiced by Michael Rosenbaum indicates this could be the same version of Flash from the DCAU.