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Hey guys, it’s Based_Zoom aka Matty D from St. Petersburg, Florida!I recently donated $100(more to come) during the twitch stream of your podcast (2/6/18). It was something I wanted to do for a long time, as I had been following and subscribed to you on YouTube since before you guys started filming your Flash reactions (favorite show btw). Started out lurking as a fan. The content you guys put out is original and funny as hell! As I was dieting and trying to take better care of myself I ran into some health issues that were not easy to identify, let alone to work around and solve. Thankfully, your content and reactions and your genuine human humbleness as content providers really helped me get through my waves of depression and my struggles to maintain my new lifestyle change.

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I was always a heavy kid, which those who know this plight all too well know that society and kids/teens that are your age aren’t always the kindest when you grow up as a bigger guy. Most of my eating disorder was caused from the lack of nutritional impact that my poor diet was having, paired with depression, and bullying that caused me to become introverted from my normally extroverted self. I stayed inside and played games or watched anime most of my teenage years as my bad habits got out of control. My family never had time to help me due to my father being disabled since I was about 3 years old. Naturally, they were preoccupied with making sure he was comfortable and taken care of. I understand all of that now as I get older ( 27 years old next Sunday 😀 ). But as a child, it was hard for me to formulate and so I hid my feelings by eating.My weight spiraled up and up until at age 22, I found myself at 498 pounds, developing self-induced Chron’s disease and over-active stomach acid issues that made my diet experience the worst thing ever. The doctor told me I would be dead by 30. A year later, when the doctors couldn’t find out why I was having stomach issues at an extreme rate, they basically gave up and so it became my responsibility to learn from my body, to try at least, and really take care of myself.

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I started making smoothies everyday for breakfast to help get my metabolism a little kick start. Something it wasn’t used to. I needed something delicious but easy on the belly. Flavor is everything for this former fat guy. Hell, let’s face it – flavor is EVERYTHING DAMMIT! Cut back on dairy – this was really hard but once I learned I was more lactose intolerant than I had realized, I started to figure out that the source of my stomach issues was from the obscene amount of dairy and nasty fried foods I was consuming on a regular basis. From there I started to plan snacks around my new discovery, using nuts and fruits and home-dried jerky to fill in my snack time. I cut back on the soda for two years straight which helped me drop 100 pounds fast. Really fast. Water also became a staple in my daily life. I consistently keep a 32 pack of water at the foot of my bed and go through it every 5 days. It has helped me drink more water, something I was struggling to do, and also helped me realize that water is the first thing everyone needs to start their days. It just helps your food digest better, honestly.

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It was a long process. It was most certainly the toughest change for me to make. There were days when I didn’t think I could continue. Days where I cheated and ended up feeling worse because of it. You name it. Oh, and I hardly exercised! One thing I was always envious of was the kids who would be able to do practical tasks or sports outside in the heat. As soon as I shed my first 100 pounds I got myself enrolled into a 16-month long program at a technical college where I went 5 days a week from 7am-1pm. I learned how to manage a nursery and a landscaping business all while studying horticulture (plant care).

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I learned to install trees, irrigation, caring for over 500 different species of plants, mostly tropical due to Florida’s natural climate, and for the first time I learned to appreciate sweating from doing rewarding, hard-practical work. I’ll let you in on a little secret: fat people hate sweat. Especially me. But it helped. I maintained my diet and progress during the next 16-months. By the time I was ready to graduate at the top of my class, I was at about 210 pounds. I had my life back. Energy and confidence were certainly new to me after living in a junk-food filled daze I called “life”.In summary, I hope to get my nutritional youtube channel off the ground and up, where I can reach out to the thousands if not millions of young teens and adults who are also struggling with these issues. I want to help them understand that no matter how low things get, you always have the potential to set a weight goal and aim for it. And that applies to many other aspects of their lives, they just don’t know it yet because they’re stuck in what I like to call the “big-person-anxiety world”. I want to save some lives, not just my own. Once I realized I could do it, I realized anyone can. Maybe not 300 pounds but at least something, you know? It’s gotta count for something. Shane, Eric, Rick, Calvin & Aaron. You guys helped me. You really did. Now I want to help others like you. Thank you for taking the time to read my shout out from the donation on stream and thank you for all you guys do. If anyone ever has any questions or comments, feel free to ask! I would love the opportunity to help as much people as I can and would never try to piggy-back off of the Wave Riders’ home. I love you guys and all that you do. Hope to meet you all some day. You guys are fantastic. Keep it up! <3


Yours truly,[email protected] on Twitter

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  1. Hey man! Billy, one of the editors here at Blind Wave, and I just wanted to say, WOW. This is amazing! I’m glad that Blind Wave can bring a smile to your face and many others! While the crew may not see what impact they’re having when making the videos (except for those damn emotional mailbags :’D ), it’s very nice to know that they/we (I feel like I can include myself in this as an editor, though I am nothing compared to the great members of our dear crew) can really help out those individuals like yourself who are struggling. Hell, I’ve been struggling to get by recently, and Blind Wave has really helped me and changed my life for the better as well. I’ve actually been trying to work on my own weight too. And you, my friend, are continuing to keep me motivated! Thank you for being a supporter of Blind Wave and I wish you nothing but the best in the future! <3 Spread the love and forget the hate!

    #live #love #live #blindwave

    1. Thanks Billy! I appreciate you, brother! <3 It's never easy for anyone to do the thing they know they need to do. Because what if we do it wrong, you know? That's a very realistic thing that stops a lot of people. You my man are a great guy it sounds like. I will continue to always be a Wave Rider. These bois are my heroes.

  2. Hey Matt. Your story is so inspiring. I myself am on a weightloss journey. I used to be over 300lb before losing 150lb two years ago. I had a rough 2017 and gained 40lb of that back. Finding Blindwave made such a difference to me too. I’m now back in full swing and am losing weight again and getting fit. Hearing stories like yours keeps me on the right path. Congratulations on your fantastic weightloss and here’s wishing you only the best for the future. Love and hugs, Emma (EchoDolly on Discord and Twitch)

    1. Right?! Like, I found Eric and Aaron and the gang a while back and really grew to love their content and their friendships so much. What they are doing is a very special thing. I’m grateful for them as content providers. Thank you again, I appreciate your response and for checking out the article of course. If I could do what I did, you can as well. Trust me. Once I realized that I had that potential, which was hard to understand because I was coming from a place where I didn’t think I mattered, I realized that everyone that I always though was better than me or above me to some extent – but also struggling with issues like I had were totally capable of doing what I did. Mine is unique to me because I haven’t met anyone else that lost near 300 pounds without surgery the way I was able to. I bet I’m not the only one, though! <3

  3. MATT BRO! When I read this it really made my below average day much better ! I’m so happy that you shared your story because it’s really inspiring to me and I know it will be inspiring to others! I was hoping people would use this website for things exactly like this and this is an exemplary article for sure. When I was younger fitness came easy for me,, but I’ve struggled and have gone up and down ever since. We actually have a work out and fitness series that we are starting soon so I might be giving you more shout outs for sure. Thanks again man for showing us your hard work and I hope we can continue to entertain you and inspire. – with love, shane

    1. Hey dude! Absolutely! If you guys ever wanna trade work out shake recipes and dietary tips, I’d be more than willing to share as well! My channel is up, just gotta add in some really great features and some sweet JPEGs before it’s official. Then the videos will begin. Shane, what you guys do is brilliant and that fact that you were kind enough to invite me to share my story and to take the time to check it out as well means a lot to me. You guys are my favorite people on YouTube. Thanks for the inspiration and I’m glad I could bring your day up a notch, bro!

      Keep riding the wave~

  4. Great job man, hard work always pays off. Appreciate you sharing your inspirational story with us.
    Blind Wave has a great impact on a lot of wave riders lives, myself included as I was going through some really dark times about 3 years ago and found in Blind Wave a way to change my life for the better.
    Keep up the good work and thank you again.
    Much love, Mehdi (Seiishiro on Discord)

    1. They are life changers. I am looking forward to following their journey through YouTube and enjoying the awesome content to come. They really are great! Thank you Seiishiro for taking the time to comment here and hit me up! The waveriders are some of the best people on twitter/twitch/youtube combined. I can’t wait to see what comes next for them as fans with all the meet ups and group content they do every month. Bless you, friend <3

  5. Matt, thanks so much for sharing your story. As an obese kid myself, and up until just recently an obese adult (100lbs. down!), it heartening to hear someone else’s story so similar to mine. So many weight loss stories come from people who were at a healthy weight as a kid/teen, but gained weight as they got older. A big motivator for them would be to regain that healthy weight, go back to how they once were. As such, I could never really connect with their stories, because people like you and I never had that. My weight loss journey involved transforming into something entirely new, discovering things about myself all along the way (and still continuing!). I would wager you had a similar journey? Do let me know when that YouTube channel is up and running, I’d love to check it out. Congratulations on all your successes and may they continue! -John Morgan aka Captain Shadow

    1. Thank you, Captain! 100 pounds is AMAZING BROTHER!!! That’s the type of stuff that keeps me motivated. You can only motivate yourself so much and that was a lesson I learned as well on this journey. And as for others, you can only help them so much. The core of it has to come from them and their willingness to take up that mantle if they so desire. It’s tough for sure. I appreciate you checking it out man and hopefully I will hear from you in the future about your progress! Keep on, John!