The Expanse 1×10 Reaction

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  1. Season 2 answers your “how do they get the fuel to travel everywhere” questions in a neat and tidy package, and in a closer-to-reality way than any FTL drive / impulse power idea. It’s rooted in scientific theory, presuming a few equations get solved and processes get optimized.

    According to interviews, I think it was a variant of D20 Modern that Ty Franck ran for Daniel Abraham, his wife, and a few friends when they lived in Albuquerque. Based on the experience, Dan then approached Ty with the idea of turning it into a full blown novel series. The two of them together are “James S.A. Corey”.

    As for where books coincide with seasons:|
    Book 1 ends in the middle of Season 2
    Book 2 ends in the middle of Season 3
    Book 3 ends at the end of Season 3 (thinking that they would have to end the series after SyFy cancelled them)
    Book 4 is Season 4 (the first one Amazon bankrolled)
    Book 5 elements are previewed in Season 4 and then make up all of Season 5.

    And as you might expect, later books sprinkle details into earlier seasons to round them out narratively, and a few characters are combined/shifted around to fit the television format. At no point is the show “ahead” of the books actually being written, unlike GoT.

    1. Thank you, this explains a lot, I just binged this show after the guys started, and season 2 and 3 always felt very disjointed with their first and second halves. Knowing that they basically finish one book, and then start another in the middle of the season, now it makes sense why.

    2. “At no point is the show “ahead” of the books actually being written, unlike GoT.”

      I mean, there’s one INCREDIBLY MINOR point that the show was ahead of the books on, but it was mostly just so they wouldn’t have to render a new CGI background for something if they ever got to book 8.

        1. To be as non-specific as possible, there’s a thing in season 3 that starts out looking like it does in book 8, because presumably it’d be super boring to look at if it was pure black like it was originally described.

  2. The last episode of every season is titled with the name of the corresponding novel.
    S1 Episode 10 Leviathan Wakes
    S2 Episode 13 Caliban’s War
    S3 Episode 13 Abaddon’s Gate
    S4 Episode 10 Cibola Burn

  3. “A stubborn old woman, eyes locked on yesterday’s game, too blind to see the world has passed her by.”
    One of my favorite scenes from this season. Chrisjen is in the churn now.

    Miller really went to the dark side after he found Julie. He also seemed to have rubbed off on Holden. The “Tell me why I’m a good man” scene hit me hard because I thought Holden would’ve chosen differently. Remember, he threatened to shoot Amos over attacking the Martians when they threatened to board the Roci. Now, he is helping Holden kill people and sends Kenzo to his death, while Naomi would’ve saved as many as she could. I didnt think that Miller joining up with the Roci crew was a good thing for our friends.

    I liked Kenzo too, Eric, even though he set up Holden for an ambush. Kenzo showed us that he was willing to kill to survive, but in a way that showed his reluctance too also.

    Rick, did you say ” broke his killing hymen”?…….lmao

    Im so enjoying these reactions and cannot wait to see more. Great job guys!

  4. The Epstein drive, the super efficient fusion drive that allows continual acceloration is the one bit of handwaviium in the show, and even then its not totally unbelievable given the time into the future.