The Expanse 1×2 Reaction

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  1. Have watched you guys on YouTube for years but it took for you to start doing reactions to The Expanse for me to sign up! Season 1 is good but seasons 2 and 3 are legitimately the best hard science tv Sci-Fi around.

  2. I have to call BS on “kicking it” in space… and “Dropping” the wrench. I love this show, but dammit Jim! Since the pilot episode didn’t need any free passes, this one can have it.
    You know nothin’ James Holden.

  3. OPA stands for Outer Planets Alliance. Both Mars and Earth are exploiting the Belt. Mars is terraforming, and Earth has depleted their own resources and messed the planet up a bit.

    Ceres is largest asteroid/dwarf planet in the asteroid belt.

    Great reactions… been waiting for ages for you guys to get to this, I knew you’d like it. :). It only gets better from now. Lot of world building in the first few episodes.