The Expanse 1×6 Reaction

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  1. The kid left in space was the kid Miller caught for stealing water on Ceres and then let go. The uncle was mining in a Mars claimed part of the belt, its like they were poaching. The Martians were still massive dickbags but they had the law on their side by siezing their cargo.

    The OPA (Outer Planetary Alliance) is NOT a terrorist organisation. They do have that reputation though for most of the “inners” because so many of their membership are willing to use violence to fight back against the horrendous inequality they are all living under. Anderson Dawes is the head of that militant wing of the organisation, Fred Johnson is the head of the “legitimate” side.

    1. Also, good catch on Naomi’s neck tattoo resembling Dawes’ scar from the old fashioned helmet. That is intentional, one of the cultural icons that cropped up over time amongst belters, given that many of the original generation got tattoos to cover up their scars. The younger members of the OPA got the tattoos as homage to them even when the helmet technology improved to mean that they no longer left scars.