The Expanse 1×8 Reaction

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  1. Great reaction! Miller and our crew finally met and things are starting to converge. You guys have a lot of interesting theories…can’t wait for you to get some answers.

  2. The path of the two ships came from the dock authority on Ceres. The mouse had the video feed out of what Miller guessed was Phoebe Station and was what Julie bought from the data broker. The data storage device in the guy’s leg had encrypted government files which I don’t think we learned much about, but I could be forgetting something there.

    Probably you don’t need to know any of that since you’re likely several episodes ahead by now. Anyway, you’re all doing a much better job of figuring things out than I was when I first watched this episode.

  3. This is the point where this series really gets interesting. Love listening to your theories, can’t wait for you to find out what really happens.
    I would also recommend reading the books.

  4. If I remember correctly the scopuli was sent out on purpose to take w/e the anubis had on board because Dawes got wind of them transporting something important.

  5. Nah, The Bad Batch trailer was great. Try to stop being negative sometimes, Rick. “The trailer had too many cuts” did you ever watch a trailer before? Cry less.

    you freaking geniuses didn’t miss a freaking thing this season so far, What PROFESSIONALS YOU ARE! why even watch this show if you are just gonna notate every freaking thing that happens so you can accurately follow and predict this show.. you are all a disgrace the the moderators who serve you! do you know how many times i had to watch these episodes to figure out how everyone ended up on eros! what bull shit is this channel!?

    for Eric 😉