The Expanse 2×1 Reaction

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  1. Scopuli was on the course to intercept a ship from Phoebe, thinking it was a science ship, little did the know it was a stealth gunship “Anubis”

  2. I love Holden and Naomi together, but I don’t think you have to ship them. The whole crew went through some fucked up situations and they are seeking comfort in each other. Loved the bonding scene with Miller and them at the end. Excited for the next episode.

  3. I love this show so much and watching you guys react to it is great. I know you guys watch so much that it’s hard to watch everything, just wish there could be more than one episode a week. Season 2-3 are the best imo although current season is shaping up just as good

  4. Guy I dont understand i payed yesterday 5 euros so I can watch The Expanse reactions and I can’t watch the 2×1 and 2×2 because offering me to pay 15$ to watch it like why what??? It’s not nice. There was text that if I pay 5$ monthly i will be able to see 4 episode further. But I can’t!!!!!! I am starting to lose my mind… HELP ME PLEASE
    Am I doing something wrong? My Patreon is Karlis Jandals
    I dont understand

  5. For “what happen last season” you guys should do a top moments reaction clip from season one…then like 30 secs, then BAM right back into season 2. Iono just a thought. Thought it was be a cool lil idea to try ….keep up the great reactions

  6. Who’s gonna feast on earth’s sky and drink her rivers dry?
    Who’s gonna grind her mountains into fine martian dust?
    Till the rains fall hard on Olympus Mons, Who are we?