The Expanse 2×10 Reaction

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  1. I agree that Mau had contacts in both Earth and Mars governments, and Errinwright probably didn’t know about his Martian counterpart. He had a file on the Protomolecule that he was given by Mau that contained a theoretical future project Caliban (named after a character in Shakespeares “The Tempest”). As far as he knows that part of the experiment never came to fruition but he recognised it from Drapers description after he had stopped working with Mau and realised that it had been created with help from someone on Mars. In terms of who knew what, I think it would be easy for a militaristic government like the MCR to cover up the experiment by simply ordering a subordinate to cover up an unspecified classified project without going into details.

  2. If Erinwright knew that Mars was doing weapons tests of the protomolecule, his way of protecting Earth would have been to make sure Earth got in on the action as well. Is about as much as I can say avoiding spoilers. Mao is clearly working with both.

  3. Nico’s actor, Milton Barnes, was excellent. Hate that the show reduced him to the Magical Black Guy role. Depressing this show handled the scene that way as touching as their interaction was.

  4. No spoilers. Just based on what we have seen so far:

    1. Ganymede isn’t Martian. It is shared between Earth and Mars. That’s why there were Martian and Earth Marines on Ganymede at the same time.

    2. Errinwright knows about Project Caliban. But the UN Government as a whole didn’t (because Avasarala didn’t).

    3. A number of Martians know about Project Caliban. (There are drones watching the event). But we can presume that the Martian Congressional Republic as a whole doesn’t.

    4. Project Caliban was a Mao-Kwik Mercantile project. All of the Protomolecule projects so far have been MKM projects.

    And there is definitely a cover-up happening.