The Expanse 2×2 Reaction

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  1. You guys missed that the proto molecule was sent to earth to use the bio mass for its own purpose. Maybe because it was caught by jupiter and never got to finish it’s work the aliens never heard back from it, until now.

  2. The reason they did not have gravity until the connected as the were not accelerating whilst they were matching the dock but once they connect they will be under the affect of the centripetal acceleration of the rotating station.

  3. One of the things I love about this show is that the design of the Roci (like most ships) is similar to a tower block. The conn, the bridge, the galley, crew quarters, the medbay, the armory and the cargo bay are on different levels stacked on top of one another. This is so the floor of each level points toward the main engine at the rear of the ship. The crew are usually only weightless for the short period the ship is turning in the “turning and burning” manouvre, because even when from outside it is facing the opposite way, from inside the engine is still down.

  4. Pretty sure Miller shot the guy because he realized at least Fred Johnson was starting to buy into what the Dresden was saying and shot him to keep the information from everyone…with some revenge thrown in for good measure

  5. All the data from Eros was being sent there, the scientists were processing that data as far as I am aware.

    I love the battle scene in that episode is brilliant, one of my favourite scenes of the show.

    One of the brilliant things is that there are no mustache twirling villians, everyone is thinking that they are doing what they think is best for either humanity or their particular faction of humanity. as GRR Martin said, every villiain is the hero of their own story..

    You lads are asking great questions, answers will come… strap in 😀

  6. The Fed Ex was an nod to a FedEx bigwig that was supportive of the project early on apparantly. Read that somewhere, not 100% sure of its truth, but knowing the writers and the show, its very believable, they do like to put in little easter eggs like that, like one minor character in Season 4 is named after one of the Normies, because they were so involved in the Save the Expanse campaign at the time

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