The Expanse 2×3 Reaction

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  1. Right on with the Indian + Texas colonization pattern on Mars, which in-universe has come to be known as the “Mariner Valley drawl”.

    Get ready to be slow-rolled on Amos’ backstory because it is likely the most captivating one of all the main characters. Keep track of all the moments where he has something important to say and put the pieces together.

  2. Eric was actually correct, the Mariner valley region of Mars was colonized by mostly Indians, Chinese, and Texans. The Texan accent caught on so most people born in that region have it like Alex who was born there.

  3. The first season and the first 5 episodes of season 2 make up the entire first book with the rest of the season covering book 2. You will be getting alot of information and answers in the next couple of episodes

  4. Enjoying these reactions so much. This show is so great and you guys are in for a treat from here on out.

    Also, Idk if it’s been said before but the next 2 episodes are maybe ones you should consider watching back to back(even if you don’t release them together.)

  5. Do something special for your supporters and release S02E04 and S02E05 back to back. They were meant to be seen that way. You still have 3 more seasons to go so you’ll still have tons of content to go by.

    Please do it for the fans!