The Expanse 2×4 Reaction

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  1. Roci is still a Martian Corvette, There is NO physical modifications to change her profile on Tycho. At first glance almost anyone would identify her as a MCRN Corvette.

    1. They do still have the gas company logo painted on the outside instead of MCRN, which I think is what the Doctor was referring to when he said “despite your markings I know a Martian ship when I see one”.

  2. Holden making the choice to destroy the other ship is his defining moment as captain, in my opinion. At that moment it was clear to everyone on the ship he’s the boss. It’s also when he stopped being Discount John Snow.

    1. Not only did he make the decision to fire, but he took responsibility for it by pushing the button. You could almost say he was the eman who both passed the sentence and swung the sword.

  3. With the spin of eros, i think I read some comment somewhere about how, until the Nauvoo contract, Tycho Stations’s whole point was to move from asteroid to asteroid and give them spin for a fee., which is why it was the only station big enough to build the Nauvoo