The Expanse 2×5 Reaction

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  1. The first season and thru this episode covers the material in the first book. Thats why this episode feels like a finale. The remaining episodes for season 2 cover the second book

  2. Even today the head of the UN is called the Secretary General and there is a Deputy Secretary-General who is appointed to assist the person in that post. If you consider that in the future that the Expanse takes place in that the UN runs Earth and Luna then you can think of the Secretary General as the President of Earth and the Undersecretary (Errinwright) would be like a Vice-President. Avasarala is a Deputy Undersecretary and seems to hold a Cabinet level position under Errinwright.

  3. The shot with all the nukes launching from Earth reminded me a lot of the battle with the Scarborough in Black Sails (watching those full-lengths at the moment too); when they’re trying to stay hidden at night and they fail and you just see the cannon fire erupt from the darkness toward the Walrus.

    I’m glad you guys are digging this season so much. I was like Eric and didn’t really feel like the show was all that incredible until about halfway through the first season, but it has easily become my favorite sci-fi show. Episodes like this are just gonna keep coming too, y’all, strap in for the juice.

  4. Awesome reaction as always guys, but someone please tell Rick that Space is infinite, matter in space on the otherhand is extremely finite in comparison lol

  5. This is one of the most tragically romantic episodes of any drama I’ve ever seen, almost Shakespearean. The soundtrack absolutely amplified the emotions of the scene with Julie and Miller. I’ve watched it a dozen times, and it still brings tears. Also, even with her being transformed into something alien, and that Miller never met her, he trusted her enough to nullify the nuke and that she would sacrifice once she knew going home would cause destruction. Just a beautifully crafted episode. Guys, glad you hung on through the Season 1 world building. This show just keeps growing and expanding. The show name is ideal.

  6. it’s worth a re-watch just to enjoy the music in that scene.

    The books cover this a lot more. this is the redemption for Miller. when he lost everything but the case he was broken. he’s learned that he was the station joke and is then fired, his entire identity is crushed. He goes looking for Julie to prove to himself that he’s a good detective etc. he’s obsessed so when he finds Julie dead. He looses all hope and is just devastated. in the books Eros happens a bit differently. The ship exploding and debris causing a malfunction is new for the show. everything goes well setting up the bombs on the surface and the belters leave and miller stays behind without telling Holden. He stayed because as he wants to die. that’s how crushed he is. so when he hears the Razorback he is given a glimmer of hope of redemption. I do recommend the books they’re brilliant.