The Expanse 3×10 Reaction

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  1. A couple of things. Amos’s backstory does get fleshed out a lot more. And on Aarons take on Eros, Julie was the one controlling it to go to Earth, when Miller is with her she keeps saying she wants to go home which is why the asteroid heads for Earth and why she’s able to turn it away, because her being infused with the protomolecule gave her that kind of control, though she had no idea what she was doing, she thought she was flying the Razorback home if you pay attention to that scene this is pointed out.

    1. Telling Aaron to pay attention is like telling water to stop being wet. After five years of these guys, He is the most annoying of the group. Honestly I think he was born part hamster.

  2. My favorite part about how this goes down in the books is that everyone’s trying to stop Holden because everyone in the Solar system agrees that they don’t want him of all people to be the one to initiate first contact

  3. A clarification of the deceleration from the wiki:
    “To prevent Holden’s actions, Paolo Mayer would attempt to throw a grenade instead, with the station reacting violently to this attack by reducing Mayer down to his component elements to repair itself, then using the thrown grenade’s velocity as a new speed limit for the area, forcibly capturing any ship or object travelling faster than 28.997 metres per second – unfortunately, this included every single vessel in the Slow Zone, many of which were travelling at velocities orders of magnitude higher than the new speed limit.”
    Bear in mind that most of the ships were travelling much slower than the previously established limit (18,000Km/h or 5000m/s), so the deceleration wasn’t from 5000m/s down to 28.887m/s.