The Expanse 3×12 Reaction

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  1. I do think that this episode implied that Drummer has romantic feelings for Naomi. The look Drummer had when Naomi and Holden were kissing was like that IMO.

  2. The next episode was origianally the last one to be made before Amazon picked them up. You will see why we were all going nuts when it was cancelled and at what a spot in the series

  3. There’s a scene RIGHT at the beginning of the episode when Clarissa/Melba is hooked up to the Roci’s autodoc that shows on a monitor that she has an ‘Endocrine Implant.’ It’s one of those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it things that I’m not sure why they didn’t include a line or two about.

    Not a spoiler at this point, but if you want 0 book info don’t read further.

    In the book you get a bit more detail about her getting this black-market implant as part of the prep for her revenge play. Floods the body with adrenaline etc, but the body really can’t take it for long so you pass out after for a while. iirc, most people who get them die eventually from the strain on the heart etc.

  4. Man the specific words Eric choose to use sometimes almost makes me think that he knows more about the Expanse than he lets on. The Roman empire analogy is just…

  5. In season one, it’s revealed that the protomolecule which had been sent to our system was found by the Martians in Phoebe, one of Saturn’s moons. There’s one line of dialogue that explains briefly that Phoebe is extrasolar, so Saturn basically caught a “bullet” meant for Earth. As far as anyone can tell, the protomolecule was supposed to hijack early Earth life to create the gate millions or even 1 to 2 billion years ago.

    I believe the blue goo was never meant to interact with anything sapient/sentient/self aware like humanity because higher brain functions seem to be able to mess with its programming- maybe? (At least, that’s what I speculate). This is how Julie was able to “infect” infect the protomolecule as Miller put it, and took control over Eros. It’s never made clear if the protomolecule itself was pushing to go to Earth during Eros, but it’s made abundantly clear that Julie wanted to go home and was piloting Eros towards Earth until Miller convinced her to go to Venus with him instead.

    1. Thats pretty much how i see it. It was meant to get the primordial ooze that made earth habitable, and use that material to build the door for colonists from the Precursor Race to come and build in Sol. Very correct about Julie and Miller. Also about how a higher life form probably messed with the “computer” node the protomolecule was meant to build.