The Expanse 3×13 Reaction

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  1. Definitely 1300 habitable systems. You can scan the systems in each ring system for chemical markers that will tell you whether u have any goldylocks planets.

  2. This was such an incredible season. Their set pieces are so amazing. They really make the sets feel like a character, so alive. I’m so glad the guys are in love with the show!

  3. Finally! Conclusion to my favorite season of the show. They rushed to fit in a ton of content because they weren’t sure if they would be renewed or not. Season 4 is the first on Amazon instead of Syfy and feels very different in a lot of ways but still very good. Looking forward to more.

  4. I may be wrong but with how the protomolecule works by needing biomass, the gates would only ever be built in systems capable of creating life. So 1 gate=1 system that at one point had life.

  5. They actually didn’t know they were coming back after this. The Expanse was canceled at SyFy after 3 seasons. It took a couple weeks and an entire internet campaign to get Amazon to pick it up for further seasons.

  6. You can see why we all freaked out when this was originally the last episode. You finally get to the main story thread and then the plug is pulled on the show. Thank you Amazon for seeing the potential and continuing the story!

    1. While I do enjoy 4 and 5 I definitely think they are the weakest of the series. Especially season 5, I didn’t really much care for it except for that one episode.

  7. One of the touches that I loved in this episode was how Melba caused the drive shutdown. She reversed one of the gizmo’s and caused a chain reaction that blew out the power – exactly like she was taught by that guy that she killed (and felt bad about) a few episodes ago.

    1. We also have Drummer deciding to actually help Holden after hearing very specific Belter slang Holden wouldn’t know, but Miller would (being both a Belter and a Ceres cop).

  8. Getting cut in half by a door is pretty bad. Getting murdered off screen, most the time, is the ultimate disrespect an author can give their characters. I’m looking at you, GRRM!