The Expanse 3×5 Reaction

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  1. Everyone who watches The Expanse ends up yelling NOOOOO at the end of every cliffhanger, which is pretty much all the episodes. Its so good. This one and the next one belong together, and are among the most memorable of the show.

    Also, how many kids has that evil hack doctor stolen for hybrids, and how? Surely someone would notice if they all came from Ganymede, and I thought that moon was special because of a genetic malady unique to there that was conducive to protomolecule uptake? That’s been the only part of this episode that consistently bothers me because it doesn’t make sense from the information we have as viewers.

    1. You misunderstood; the genetic disorder is not unique to Ganymede. Rather, everyone goes to Ganymede to avoid that and other problems that might arise (but it still did with Mei and the other children.) See Prax’s explanation in 2×9.

      Also, Strickland tells Mao he has a short supply of children with this disease, so it’s unlikely that all the launched hybrids have the disease, and we don’t even know for sure that the earlier model hybrids were even made with children

  2. Yeah, not all the hybrids were children with that exact disorder. As Strickland told Mao this episode, the kids with this disorder just hybridize more slowly and completely than anyone else, hopefully giving Strickland’s group more control over them than normal.

  3. Also, to expand on what QuLogic said, the reason people bring their children with this immune disorder to Ganymede is that it has some of the best musical care in the system. Ganymede has a fairly robust magnetosphere, meaning that it is significantly more protected from radiation coming off the sun and Jupiter than pretty much anywhere outside Earth and Mars. As a result, a lot of wealthy Outer Planets types go to Ganymede to gestate and give birth, since the magnetosphere protects the fetuses from radiation. That also means that Ganymede has very good infant/child medical care, as they needed to take care of all the children being born there. So, if your baby is born without a functioning immune system you move to the planet that is really good at taking care of children with potential birth/genetic defects.

  4. Eric, you are right by the way about the Navouu during the intro. They make updates to the intro just like Game of Thrones did whenever a new significant location is added, or when something significant happens at a current location. (I watched the full length cut of this reaction)