The Expanse 3×9 Reaction

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  1. Miller is telling Holden exactly what he is and how Holden can communicate with him because of the promolecule on the ship. A non-local quantum hologram. It’s the phase conjugate adaptive waves resonating in microtubules in the brain, which of course require some closed timelike curves and Lorentzian manifold.

  2. Time Line wise you can See Julie watching Dawes first Adress (GIVE THE MARTIAN THEIR WATER) & the Meeting with Miller… already during his investigation.

  3. I’m so excited for next week’s reaction! Man, I hope you guys released two videos at a time for the highest tier even if just for The Expanse series. Great reactions as always guys. Thanks!

  4. Remember that they didnt just freeze the Mao family assets, but they also threw his whole family in prison. They go into Clarissas story a bit more in the books, but she had to go into hiding and bought a fake ID and her body mod from gangsters in Baltimore. She doesnt want to just kill Holden and make him a martyr, she wants to destroy his reputation first, which is why shes doing such a risky plan.