The Expanse 4×1 Reaction

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  1. Whatever video player this is, it never seems to work smoothly for me. Right now it is constantly buffering while trying to get 720p – no other video player or website has an issue with streaming for me at this time.

  2. This season is very different from any of the others, which is probably why there are such strong opinions about it among fans. Personally I like it, especially the stuff on Ilus and with the Medina Station Belters. So many seeds are planted here for important developments in season 5 and beyond. I can’t wait to watch you react to these episodes.

  3. The Belters and their issues about living on a terrestial planet is about much more than hostility and suspicion of Earth. Belter physiology and physiognomy has at this point changed so much from humans on Earth and Mars that it isn’t even certain they all can adapt to and live on a terrestial planet anymore. They are people who are bred, born, live and die in space. Their whole culture and language reflects that. If some of them manage to live on a terrestial planet, it is bound to change the dynamics between Belters who can’t or won’t live on a terrestial planet and those who will settle on a planet. Can they even call the one’s who have settled on a planet a Belter anymore? Future generations will be lost to those who have to or choose to remain in space . Families will be split, when some can’t adapt and some can. The show can’t visually show this difference always because humans don’t look the way Belters actually look in the books, but this episode got into it somewhat with Naomi’s excrutiating preparations and her talk with Drummer. Season one Avasaralla gravity torturing a Belter also got into it.

  4. This seasons is very different mostly due to be the first one done under Amazon after they bought it. I really like Season 4, so i’m really exited.

  5. “I want this show to go on for like 20 seasons”

    So say we all. Unfortunately not though – murky past season 6, very murky. There are things I know happen in the books that I want to see expressed on screen and don’t think will be, sadly.

  6. Like with a lot of things in The Expanse, the whole debate of settling the Ring systems is very complicated and there’s no clear ‘right’ answer. We also see people dealing with issues of identity like what it means to be a Belter and see how complex such ideas can be.

  7. God I hate when Aaron is so adamant about being wrong.

    Calvin’s right about it being the ring station instead of a water world. And Aaron just looks him in the eyes and says NO as he’s explaining it without listening.

    Hes the kind of guy I could really see myself getting pissed off at in an argument because he always has to be right.