The Expanse 4×10 Reaction

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  1. Ashford has the best arc in this show from Season 3 through Season 4. One of the best sci-fi characters of all time. But, as Miller once said, you’ve got to watch your doors and corners. That’s where they get you.

          1. The Wire isn’t under-appreciated though. Whenever I see someone mention “best series of all time” I also see the Wire get brought up.

  2. Ashford is so much better in the show than the novels, which is great! He went out like a total badass and the reason he didn’t shoot Marco was because he wanted to get his plan recorded to try to send it out. He knew he was dead either way when Filip showed up and figured that trying to warn people of Inaros’ plan was more important than just killing him since it wouldn’t stop the plan even if he dead. But man, his boarding scene is such a cool scene and really shows how good he was as a pirate! He definitely earned the basass moniker of “the Ghost Knife of Callisto!” — RIP to one of the characters in the show that grew to be one of my favorites!

    I will say that I very much disagree with Holden letting Lucia go while making Murtry face the consequences of his actions though. Lucia was still guilty even if she had a change of heart and Holden wasn’t really doing the right thing by not holding her accountable. Both she and Murtry deserved to stand trial even if Murtry was clearly the worse person of the two. Holden was totally being biased here and it is kind of inconsistent considering what he had to say to/about Murtry. Whichever way you cut it, The Belters still killed like ~20 innocent Earthers and some still planned to kill more after they arrived. Honestly, the Belters didn’t deserve access to Ilus/New Terra any more (and maybe less considering they illegally ran a blockade to settle there) than RCE and its legal charter rights from the governments in charge of transport through the ring gates which is ostensibly an alliance between Earth, Mars, and the Belters via OPA factions. If anything the science mission was the only group that came there legally aside from the Roci crew and no one on the Belter end standing trial for the crimes they committed too is ridiculous. Holden was told not to put his dick into the situation, but he did it anyway lol.

    Amos smiling and thanking Murtry after being punched is straight up terrifying! I kind of respect that Murtry wasn’t afraid to start the physical confrontation, but man, that is mistake when the person you’re fighting is Amos! Wes Chatham is so good in the role and has made Amos one of my favorite television characters, honestly!

    Man, I can’t wait until next Sunday! Season 5 has some really awesome stuff! And hopefully we get a release date for season 6 soon too. Would be really cool if a trailer for it dropped right as you guys finish watching/reacting to season 5, haha!

    1. I agree about Ashford but I would go a step further even, he went from being a character I was suspicious of/hated even, to absolutely loving and in the end being crushed by his death. That’s great writing and one of the things I like most about The Expanse. None of the characters are black and white, everyone’s gray in terms of good and evil. They all have their own motivations they’re working towards and believe they’re right with the information they have, and many are willing to change as well.

      I disagree about Lucia though, her plan was to blow the pad, not kill people. Had she not blown it when she did, they would all have been dead on the RCE ship. Really if anything, she saved a lot of lives by blowing it early.

      1. The writers being heavily involved in the production of the show is one of the things that makes this series great. Changes from the books feel more legitimate and don’t feel misplaced imo.

  3. I love the foreshadowing in this show! Remember way back early on when Avasarala is on the rooftop watching shooting stars with her grandson, and she says she is afraid of people who throw rocks to which her grandson replies nobody can throw rocks that big! Also Holden has moved from lawful good, to chaotic good.

    1. Yes thats a brilliant piece of foreshadowing and only something a show based on books could do.

      They knew the storyline of Marco throwing rocks was already planned so they included that line.

  4. They are getting the ring transitions confused with the mysterious object. The dark liquid layer that passes over Holden is just him going through the ring.

    The mysterious thing between spaces is actually the very fast dark bullet shaped object that passes by Holden.

    The ships floors are built top to bottom so when they go through the ring it passes from head to toe which is completely normal.