The Expanse 4×4 Reaction

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    1. Holy shit, i respect it but that’s a incredibly rare opinion. I despire Marco as much as the other, but imo that makes him a great villain

      1. It’s not that I “despise” him. I think he’s just a flat out a horribly written character especially for this series. In past seasons the antagonists have been more grounded, their morality hovering around the greyzone. It really gave a sense of mystery, intrigue and you couldn’t tell who you could and should not trust in the universe the show has created. Marco in my opinion just comes off as a stock villain, considering all the past “villains” we’ve seen in the show he is just extremely generic and he’s a bad guy for the sake of having a bad guy. Obviously I can’t really go into more detail without going into spoilers but I will say the “drama” that’s focused around him in season 5 is laughably bad almost to the point of being cringey AF. I understand that you may think it’s a “rare” opinion but it’s not. There’s a reason why S5 is one of the lowest rated seasons (with the exception of one episode) and a lot of people tend to agree, from critics to fans that Marco, not necessarily his actions, but more so the character himself as a whole and how he’s written is a low point for the season. Again I can’t get into to much depth without spoilers, so we’ll have to wait till the crew catches up to s5 and also If you do enjoy his character I’m not saying you’re wrong or that you shouldn’t, we are all entitled to our opinions and views ?

    1. It is rare. There have been several essays about Marco praising him. His goal actually is morally Grey. Because there are many oppressed people that can see themselves in Marco and believe that sometimes dramatic events lead to dramatic change. Keon Alexander plays the character extremely well as well. Season 5 is low rated because Holden, Alex, and Bobbie have no growth. Not because of Marco who is the best thing about season 5.

    2. Well Marcos is certainly a stock villain so to speak, but he isn’t “a bad guy for the sake of having a bad guy” he wants power and recognition to feed his narcissistic ego and its really interesting imo how he just manipulates everyone. Besides he is ostensibly doing it to “free” the belt which has actually led some people online to unironically defend him because they see that Earth had it coming because they oppressed the Belters. For the drama, I thought it was okay. I wish they had more screentime elsewhere, but I didn’t think it was bad. Its following the book after all.

  1. There is a few BTS by Adam Savage on the production of the Expanse. There they show the various means of how they shot the 0G scenes.

    1. Yeah there was a whole series of like 10+ BTS episodes he did, they were all great. He talked with the actors, producers, prop masters, etc.