The Expanse 4×8 Reaction

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  1. Yeah the part where the general resigned beacuse she decided to go in is a little bit confusing to me aswell, beacuse he wanted to kill everyone on the ship, rather than the possibility that only Marco and his goons were killed/captured with some colleteral.

    1. What’s confusing about that? He didn’t care if the belters died, he only cared about risking his marines’ lives. Crisjen made a choice that got his marines killed “needlessly” in his eyes because the belters ended up dead anyway, and he didn’t want to stick around if she was going to keep prioritizing belter lives over his soldiers.

      1. He didn’t give a shit about Belter civilians dieinf he cared about his soldiers lives.

        It’s pretty simple really happens in real life I would imagine aswell.

      2. I think it wasn’t just that he cared about his soldiers over the Belter civilians, it’s that he coudln’t even imagine that Crisjen had any concern for the Belter’s either. He determined that the only reason she refused to blow up the whole ship was because she was more worried about the PR than his soldier’s lives. To be fair, that may have played a part in her decision, but I do think that the main motivation for her was out of a concern for saving lives, no matter their place of birth.