The Expanse 5×10 Reaction

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  1. Eric is correct about Alex’s death. It was done during editing due to the situation surrounding Cas Anvar who played Alex. It’s all pretty unfortunate honestly.

  2. He had a bit of #metoo issues IRL that got him #canceled from the show. I believe he does eventually depart from the book series as well, it really sucks.

  3. Alex was removed because the actor was accused of gross sexual misconduct with fans after being the individual who spearheaded the fan campaigns to restore the show. The claims and evidence seems to show that the actor Cas Anvar was involved with a large number of affairs with fairs with accusations of sexual harassment and assault. These allegations came out after the season was filmed, but before the release and they went back and filmed scenes to fit the setting. It was not too big of a departure from the books where Fred Johnson filled a similar role to Alex in demonstrating the dangers of high G maneuvers when he survived the attack on the station at the beginning of the season only to later die from a stroke during maneuvers.

  4. Yes, it was a post production death due to Alex’s actor being fired before the show aired. They went back and re-shot a couple scenes and deleted him from the Mars party scene (look for the empty chair).

  5. Yeah, it is abrupt when Alex dies, but given the situation and when the information about Cas Anvar came to light I think they did a pretty good job wrapping everything up in edits and reshoots. There have certainly been worse exits of a main character in a TV show (in Classic Who, for example).

    Eric, you should look up the behind the scenes video on how they filmed Naomi’s close-up in space. It’s really good.

  6. As other commenters have said, yes Alex’s death was added in post due to Cas Anvar’s 30+ allegations of sexual misconduct. If you watch the scene with Avasarala’s dinner party again, it really feels like Alex was originally there and they edited him out in post. I think there’s an empty chair where I presume Cas Anvar sat during the unedited version.

  7. Did nobody tell them what happened with Cas Anvar? Hmm kinda seems like an oversight not telling them, i understand keeping it quite before they watch the final but for after i think it would have helped.

  8. IRL issues aside, I do prefer that they stay away from any spoilers, either about the show or the actors. It makes the reaction pure and untainted. I’m sure during the live shows next season, someone will comment via their Q&A about his removal from the show.

  9. I love the Expanse, but I blame the show for how confused/wrong they all are about the Laconia/Mars/proto-molecule situation. The show could have been a little more explicit with the stinger during the end credits.

  10. When Bobbie rescues Naomi in the book she surfs on a missile which would’ve been the most badass thing to see her do in the show, it’s a shame they didn’t do it, but it was still a great scene with the focus on Naomi being helpess and alone in space.

  11. Can’t believe Eric was rhe only person to notice Alex’s death being weird and strange. The 3 stooges are ofcourse arguing against him when he’s right that it was done in editing.

    I think the biggest tell is how you never never see a body or some impromptu funeral. It’s just oh yeah Alex is dead his wife wanted to have a funeral and everyone moves on.