The Expanse 5×7 Reaction

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  1. Love this episode. Naomi got the oxygen pen from inside the airlock. She started taking deep breaths to give her body more oxygen and then it looked like she exhaled after opening the door. It was such a badass move that I think gave her the title of #1 badass character of S5.

  2. In regards to the conversation regarding Marco vs Naomi, I think it’s put best when Naomi says in this episode that Holden is everything Marco pretends to be. Holden constantly puts his own life in danger in order to try and save his companions and/or innocent lives. He has ideals and values, but when push comes to shove, he is willing to lay down his life in order to protect his fellow man on behalf of his values. Marco’s priority is his political philosophy, but he’s not willing to make personal sacrifices on behalf of it. Naomi backs this up in another scene on the show when she tells Filip that Marco would let him die for him, but Marco wouldn’t die for Filip.

    I don’t believe for a second that Marco would pilot one of those rocks that hit Earth, even if he thought it guaranteed a victory for his cause. He might’ve originally, when he first came to power, but not now. He seems to have convinced himself that his existence does more for the cause than if he were do die on behalf of it.

  3. Regarding Marco getting caught and almost getting spaced last season; it feels much more in character for me that Marco had already set things up in the background to make sure that he wasn’t going to lose the trial. Even with his boundless ego his planning is too meticulous to get grabbed by a bunch of random belters without some kind of contingency. Some of the factions may have been brought and some can be predicted to go in certain directions. Getting caught and released takes the eyes off you for a while and based on the timing all the critical events were set in motion just after he was released.