The Expanse 5×8 Reaction

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  1. The show is exceedingly faithful to the books, mostly, but drastically different in the few changes that were made. Mostly, some characters that were more important in the books are given less importance in the show, and characters that were only important later in the books were developed earlier.

    For example, in the books, during the Roci Crew’s visit to Ilus, one of the security officers under Murty was actually Dmitri Havelock, Miller’s Earther partner from season 1 (the guy that got impaled), but he didn’t make a return in the series, so his whole arc was dropped (which is fine since it was somewhat similar to an arc that occurs this season anyway).

    On the other hand Bull, the (Roci’s new temporary pilot) was basically replaced by Drummer during the Slow Zone incident in the TV series- in the 3rd book, Bull is the one who gets paralyzed and uses grenades to stop the belters in the elevator shaft, and Drummer is a relatively minor secondary character until much later in the books.

    As far as potential spoilers for the next season, well… there’s pretty much no way to guarantee that book readers won’t spoil major events, even if the specifics are different as I described above. I’m sure if you made opinion-based Q&A instead of prediction-based ones you’d still be able to get a lot of engagement from the Expanse community, though.