The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift Movie Reaction

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  1. Who says Tokyo Drift is among the worst ones in the series? If anything it’s one of the better regarded movies in the series, and a turning point going forward.

  2. thats funny. this is the only fast and furious film i watched at the time of original release. dont care about cars or male leads so no reason to watch the others………i only watched this cause TOKYO!!!!!!!! if it was san francisco drift i would have skipped it too lol. its a franchise i pop in every now and then for a actors or because my aunt forced me to see it so still havent seen the first 2 and dont know if i saw 4

  3. The only reason they made a 4th movie staring Paul Walker and Vin Diesel was after this cameo. The fans apparently started a page asking for them to bring the franchise back so they did. At least that is what Vin Diesel said in an interview