The Fate of the Furious Movie Reaction

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  1. TOTALLY DISAGREE! everyone is fighting in a different way. we had a three way fight: cars, fists and BRAINS aka computers. the hackoff was GOOD! could have been better (has been done in other films) but it was cool man! brains > brawn

  2. hope i never become an adult then cause im not thinking about any of that lol its a MOVIE aka FANTASY, ANY THING GOOOOOOOOOOOESSSSSSSSSSSS! its all in fun and joy

  3. its always nice to see when white folks mistake their own kind lol that is so obviously helen mirren and that is so NOT her in cruella. that is emma thompson. THEY LOOK NOTHING ALIKE!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Suspension of disbelief is such an important part of loving movies, I’m so glad I’ll just take whatever movie logic I’m given, it makes watching so much more fun