The Last of Us 1×9 Reaction

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  1. Me personally I would have done what Joel did I don’t see another way about it cause letting anyone go would cause so many problems for them in the moment and later, they would always have to look over their shoulder. But I wouldn’t have lied to Ellie. That being said if we are talking about problems being made, doing that still created consequences soooo….ig it’s still not that great. There really is no good answer but I wouldn’t have spared lives and sat around waiting for her to wake up to ask what she wanted, saving her would feel right for me in the moment. She wasn’t conscious to make her decision but what I do know FOR SURE is that I would tell her the truth , lies only hurt more down the road. I would risk her lashing out, heating, or fearing me. Eek it would be so scary though. ALSO, I wouldn’t kill Marlene, even though that would definitely be a big problem for them.