The Last Samurai Movie Reaction

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    1. they probably prerecord the crew picks farther ahead because they don’t have to wait for a poll decision so this was recorded and they didn’t want to release nothing. Logans probably next week once they get the recordings caught up and back in proper order

  1. In response to what Eric said about the archers, I’ve been practicing with a traditional English longbows for 4 years now, and can shoot a 50lb bow accurately up to 80 yards. Traditional users would have 200lb longbows and could shoot accurately up to 200 yards, such as the Vikings, Saxons, and samurai. I still don’t know how they managed it to this day.

  2. Its great movie althought I must say that its not just Japanese swordsman are best. It more like Union soldiers dong get trained in sword beyond basic. But most of trained swordsman would be able to fight and maybe even win but that depends on person to person.