The Legend of Vox Machina 1×10 Reaction

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  1. When they are sitting around the campfire before arriving in Whitestone Percy is spinning the barrel with no names, and then they start to appear as he keeps spinning it.

  2. said it from day one: cassandra is NOT good. she was NOT in chains or a dungeon or in rags when we met her. so she is living with the briarwoods as an ALLY either by free will or the vamp’s control. VINDICATION!

  3. With the discussion on spell duration/deities, it is worth noting that in story Pike is coming from directly communing with her goddess to aid in a significant conflict against evils said goddess is against and Keeper Yennen has been maintaining the people’s faith in the Forgotten Realms god with the same domains and everything. The combined interest of both deities in dealing with the issues at Whitestone makes the turbocharged magic of the astral projection, disrupt undead, and blessed weapons make some amount of sense.

    Out of character as well, Matt wanted to make Ashley going out of her way to stay up and teleconference in until odd hours of the morning feel worth it.

  4. When the group asked after the sixth barrel while hiding out in the basement you can see in the back ground, Percy’s shadow moves the gun to his own head, implying that he would end himself after getting revenge