The Legend of Vox Machina 1×11 Reaction

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  1. The Briarwood’s are from a completely different continent called Wildemount, which is where Delilah found the book. Cassandra was affected by a combination of Silas’ vampiric charm and a healthy level of Stockholme Syndrome, when she spoke about The Whispered One it was more in a metaphorical sense from the perspective of the Briarwoods. Ziggurats in this world were widely used by ancient cultures as a way of communicating with different gods, when Ripley referenced “modifying” the ziggurat, it was basically her talking about corrupting the power of the ziggurat to contact The Whispered One instead of the god it was originally meant to contact.

  2. The De Rolos aren’t of the Whispered One’s blood, a few episodes ago, Delilah said the same as Cassandra did, ‘Believe in the Whispered One, for we are His blood’ or something like that, Cass is just referencing that since while under the charm of Sylas, she is considering herself a Briarwood.

  3. The DBZ callbacks were definitely intentional, since most of the voice actors in Critical Role got their start in anime dubbing, and DBZ in particular as well.

  4. In the tabletop game, Liam, voice of vax, would have had a chance to save each round during battle. This whole, them taking vax and stuff is more flair for the show. In the game Vax and grog just kept getting mind controlled. If I remember correctly, Grog was being controlled more than vax but it just fit to tell the story this way. Lots of changes were made from the game but enough was kept to make it the same story.

    But yeah…. Vax would be able to make a save after each turn wasted. So Sylas mind controls vax, Vax’s next move he has to attack either the closes teammate or the DM would have Liam roll to see who he targets. Each time Vax’s move ends he can roll to save. I believe that’s how it went.

  5. Its fun hearing Sylas and Keyleth face off and banter with each other because in real life those voice actors are married. Mathew Mercer, their DM, and Marisha Ray, voice of Keyleth got married in a Cthulhu Escape Room created by Matt and all his friends. Such a cool couple. lol