The Legend of Vox Machina 1×4 Reaction

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  1. Aaron is dead on, Ashley was off filming Blindspot and couldn’t make it to games for months at a time, and the first big instance of that was during the Briarwood arc.

  2. To Rick’s comment about “losing levels,” that is not a feature in 5e dnd. Presumably, these wights or wraiths would probably drain hp, but also reduce their max hp by that same amount, so they can’t heal that back.

    1. there sort of is a mechanic for what he’s talking about actually. its not a big thing at high challenge ratings, but some creatures like Shadows do have attacks that stat drain and kill at 0, they just do damage as well. I honestly think these monsters were probably inspired by the “shadows” from the monster manual based on their abilities/aesthetic, and of course the title “Shadows at the gates”, so Rick may not actually be far off

  3. Some comments: The voice of Lady Briarwood is Azlua from ATLA (her scream in this episode solidified it for me xD). The table in the fight was a DnD table, their table they sit at when filming, it was custom made. Pretty much everything in the show happened at the table. People have done on youtube scene for scene matchups of the show and where they happened in the game. Keyleth (and Marisha) had a lot of flak from the community because of Keyleths insecurities. It actually pissed a lot of people off to the point of harassment, even though that’s her character arc; she’s super powerful, but not confident in her abilities. Finally, the pronunciation of Keyleth’s name is key, like a lock, not Kay.