The Legend of Vox Machina 1×5 Reaction

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  1. My favorite DND Kill was when i was a Paladin/Warlock multiclass and there was this evil duergar king who had just killed my monk ally. I hit in a storage room for a few hours with my allys body trying to heal him to no avail, rest of the party got separated and escaped the keep. I knowing in character i wasnt gonna survive i wasnt gonna make it did something very dumb but what i felt my character would do. I disguised myself as a guard we killed earlier and walked straight up to the king in his throne room, with his elite guards archmage and multiple regular guards in this mining mech like suits alone and i attacked him expecting to die in glory. However thanks to divine smite and the shield spell and my already high AC i barely survived 4 rounds in combat completely surrounded my the entire leigon this king had around him. However even as i got hit i keep yelling and focus all my attacks and smites on the king and managed to kill him while being struck by everyone else, i then grabbed the crown from the dead king put in on my head and said Bow. Roll intimidation DM says. nat 20 , total 27 or something like that above 25, so everyone does reluctantly bow i walk out of the room grab my dead friends body and walk out the front door as i pass all the guards and soldiers of this keep crown on my head friend in my arms and reuinite with my party the next day. Best part after i killed the king i had less than 10 hit points but that nat 20 intimidation was what i needed lol. I think i was level 7 at the time?

  2. Scanlan’s charter was created to be the worst, Sam Riegel asked Liam O’Brian what the worst race was and was told it was a gnome, he then asked what the worst class was and was told it was a bard. He then used a D&D name generator to get the name. As he says “I intended to make the worst and now somehow I created the best!” Sam is a humble man.

  3. Yo Vortex, that is some peak Dnd right there. I remember playing a Pathfinder game in college where the GM essentially homebrewed everything. I was the racial equivalent of a Fire Genasi and managed to acquire a transforming armor that had earth, fire, water, and wind modes. So after being betrayed by someone I was trying to help end a war, our party ends up in said war against a horde of incredibly dangerous spirits, whilst trapped in a magic bubble over the whole battlefield. I go to make a fire tornado using my wind armor and realize GM never specified how big the tornado was. He says ‘let’s go with 80ft’. So he rolls and a big chunck of the spirit army fails and gets sucked into the air… right into the ceiling of the forcefield, vaporizing them instantly. Watching his face crumble as he realized what he just allowed me to do was something that will warm my heart for years to come.

  4. Favorite kill:

    The party had been lured into a trap by a high-level wizard and a lich. The lich was in the process of being revived in front of us in the ritual chamber of a large airship involved in a pitched battle with a burning city thousands of feet below us. As we fought, we finally forced the lich back near the wall of the airship – right in front of a window. So my fighter used a pushing attack as the final blow, not just knocking the lich out but at the same time kicking him out the window of the airship. He plummeted thousands of feet down, into the flaming wreckage of a burning church below us.

  5. My favorite kill came from my barbarian, a man who was insane and who believed he was a demi-god of Lightning. He had suffered a lightning strike many years earlier that turned him into a Storm Barbarian, and he had just assumed the reason he lived was because his father (who he’d never known) was a god. My favorite thing about this character was that I specifically asked the DM to NEVER have any sort of godly lineage with him, it was 100% a misunderstanding.

    One day we were traveling by ship and some weird fish things attacked us, they wanted the item we were transporting, a dragon egg that had something weird with it that collapsed magical portals (hence why we needed to take it by ship). Much earlier in the day the DM had rolled for weather and we had a thunder storm.

    Those fish things were a fucking nightmare to die, and I wasn’t doing that much good in the deck, so I had an idea. I climbed the mast over two turns and then asked the DM if I could keep causing small bursts of electricity with my subclass powers… Essentially, I wanted to keep firing small lightnings in the sky to create a low resistance area above me. The DM made me roll for it and after 5 turns out of the fight he told me that, after shooting electricity up, I could feel my hair standing up, feel that a lightning was coming down.

    Well I jumped up and raised my sword as a lightning rod; god hit by it midair, plunged into the leader of the fishes, spearing him while the electricity finally found a path to ground through him. It was a fuckton of lightning damage to me, but I was resistant; the fish thing wasn’t so lucky.

    That ship was the first place I managed to convince people I was a demi-god; by the end of the campaign my character was sort of well known as a demi-god of lightning that protected ships. Loved it.

  6. My best D&D kill? Strand. We learned he was out of his castle so we went in, and my necromancies took control of his second in command. We stole some stuff and sabotaged other things. We left and had our bard try to contact him telepathically to lead him into a trap.
    The DM took him aside for the telepathic conversation, and he ended up betraying the party and making plans to kill us all in exchange for something he wanted.
    But when he returned, our cleric’s insight was high enough to see through the bard’s lie to us! A little guilt, and he spilt Strahd’s new plan to finish resting before the betrayal. Knowing he was resting, we raced back to the castle, and my necromancies used the 2nd and more controlled undead to sneak up on sleeping Strahd without any anti-life wards or warnings, and staked him through the heart. Simple from there to kill him! The whole challenge was in all the betrayals, insights, and deception rolls. SO much fun!

  7. As a forever DM, my favorite kill was just one I facilitated. My players were fighting through a giant war machine and got to the control room. They breach and cleared the door, and the paladin grabs the captain and gives them a suplex. the rogue standing next to them says “Hey DM, can I attack right now if I give up my attack on my next turn?” Sure why not. Rolls a crit sneak attack and swings his sword up from the ground, catching the captain in the neck mid suplex, severing the head clean off in an OHKO. Its goie down in party history as the “Reverse Guillotine”

  8. My favorite kill as a player wasn’t even a super epic scenario or anything. The party I was traveling with, we were just rewarded a keep within a city. During our private festivities we drunkenly experimented with mystery magical items we had recovered, one of which was essentially a dense stone in the shape of a d20, which was a variation of the deck of many things. From the d20, a humanoid creature was released that attacked us immediately, and I cast catapult at level 5 with a warlock spell slot, and with it hitting, killed this low level NPC who was a long forgotten early level enemy we had faced around two years earlier. I flung a barrel of ale that crushed his head, and he dropped immediately in the first round of combat. In comparison to the rest of the campaign up to that point, we were all expecting this to be a bigger encounter but that was the entire situation we were dealing with- one person who was imprisoned in the d20. The situation haunted my character until we learned who he actually was. (He was hard to identify once his head was completely annihilated) The session ended with my character drunkenly being escorted back to her room by hired help. Beyond the short lived encounter, it also informed the substance abuse trait my character had while dealing with the fact she instinctually killed a dude in the moment.